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Improve Air Quality At Work

Our Recommended Solutions For Offices

Air quality at work is too often overlooked. Yet today’s shared open space offices are places where air quality is at risk. The continuous back and forth of colleagues or customers can quickly fill the air of your workspace with dust, allergens, bacteria or viruses. To ensure an healthy work environment, an air purifier can be a good solution.

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How to choose the best air purifier model adapted to your space? Here is our selection of the best air purifiers for offices referenced by the top specialised review websites.

Best For Large Room

Coway AirMega 300 Smart

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The Coway Airmega is the highest rated device among large room air cleaners. It is one of the best solutions for a workspace. In addition to effectively covering up to 120m2, this purifier repeats its cleaning cycle twice an hour.


This device is equipped with a HEPA air filter and therefore captures 99% of polluting particles and bacteria suspended in the air. It has a monitor to allow you to keep an eye on air quality in real time. It also informs you immediately when the filter needs to be replaced.

The Most Silent

Alen BreatheSmart Classic Air Purifier


This Hepa air purifier cleans up to 100 m2 of surface in only 30 minutes without noise.


This device stands out among the best office purifiers, as it is twice as quiet as other models in its class. Even when running at full speed.


Like all high-quality air purifiers, the Alen BreatheSmart works with a HEPA filter that captures up to 99% of pollutants or allergen particles from indoor air. 

This model also has a monitor that informs you in real time on air quality levels.

Our Selection Method

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Our device selection is based on the ratings of the top 5 international home appliance review websites: TheWireCutter, Forbes, BusinessInsider, GoodHouseKeeping, and TheSpruce.


UnAirMeilleur has objectively summarised the rankings of these reference websites. The reviews of these sites are all based on performance and functionality tests carried out by independent experts.

air purifier office luxembourg

Benefits of good air quality in the office

 Decrease Sicknesses 

Clean air in the office prevents you from allergies and help you stay healthy. 


Correct level of humidity in the office keeps the thrive and spread of airborne viruses. It reduces the risk of growth of bacteria such as influenza in dry air or fungi and mites that can grow in a humide air environment.

 Increase Productivity 

A room air purifier with a recessed activated-carbon filter prevents unpleasant odors to spread in the workspace


It has been proven that good air quality at work helps productivity. You can better focus in a clean air environment with an appropriate humidity level.

air purifier office luxembourg

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