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How to choose your HVAC Contractor?

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There are several points you must pay careful attention to when choosing a contractor for a HVAC system. Here are the most important points to help you find the right offer ...


Choose a certified contractor

First of all, and this is certainly the most important thing to control, it is essential to make sure that the contractor you choose is well certified and competent for the installation of the specific air conditioning systems you opted for.

The consequences of an improperly installed AC system may be too important to risk it with an unqualified provider. It is therefore strongly recommended to contact a HVAC specialist. Your contractor must be competent not only for the system but also for the brand you would like to install.


Look for the best price for value

It makes sense to request quotes from 2 or 3 different providers to be able to assess the market price. If you’re comparing quotes, it’s not always a good idea to go for the lowest price.


First make sure that you are comparing equivalent benefits. From one quote to another, the quality of the equipment can vary.


The installation service may also be different. For a home renovation for example, make sure the service provider includes in its offer a complete installation (with any preparation work it entails). To avoid misunderstandings, ask him for a detailed descriptive offer. You can usually already guess the quality of a service by the quality of the offer description …


Check the terms of the offer

On the quote, it is important to check the date and duration of the installation. This will save you some disappointment as good service providers usually have very busy schedules.

The payment terms are also an important point of the contract. To ensure that your service provider performs a complete service on time, insist that a final payment is only due once the installation is completely and correctly done.


Make sure the contract includes full maintenance

When choosing your HVAC contractor, don’t forget to anticipate your future needs. Beyond any possible breakdown, an AC system needs regular maintenance. It is important to choose a contractor who also offers you a full maintenance contract.

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