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The Best Portable AC

A portable air conditioner is a very handy solution if you don’t have the possibility to install a centralised or mounted air conditioning system. It's also a great solution if you don't need to refresh your room every day, or if you need to move the AC unit from one room to another. Easier to install than any other air conditioning unit, you can also store it easily when you don't need it.

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How to choose your portable AC?

The choice of AC brands and models on the market is broad and it can sometimes be complicated to sort through the different performance indicators. There are however 3 essential criteria to take into consideration when choosing your portable AC.

First, you need to choose your model carefully according to the size of your room. Every AC model has a BTU (British Thermal Units) indicator which corresponds to its capacity. For portable AC, BTUs typically range from 5,000 to 24,000. To cover one m2, it takes an AC approximately 330 BTUs. Depending on its capacity, a portable AC can therefore be suitable for rooms from 15m2 to 150m2.


The AC BTUs should match as much as possible the size of your room. A too powerful AC will cool your room too quickly and won't prevent humidity and mold. To the contrary, an AC with too few BTUs will constantly operate at full speed with limited results.

Another important element to take into consideration when choosing your device is your window type. Portable ACs need outdoor access. Each model clearly specifies for which type of windows they are compatible. Make sure the model you choose is compatible with your window.

Finally, device features are also important to consider. A portable AC can offer different options, such as smart-home or self-regulation systems. 

Self-regulation is an important feature. A self-regulating AC adjusts in intensity adapting to the room temperature. This guarantees you the comfort of a constant temperature in your room and gives you control over energy consumption.

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How to install your portable AC

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A portable air conditioner needs an outside connection to expel the heat. The device therefore needs to be placed near a window or near a door.


A drain hose is usually built into the unit. A caulking kit is important to set the hose tight to the window or to the door.

Depending on your window or door type, you will need to verify that the width of the caulking fabric fits. The caulking fabric is generally easy to apply. It will efficiently prevent insects or rain from entering the house.

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Our Selection Method

Our device selection is based on the ratings of the top 5 international home appliance review websites: TheWireCutter, Forbes, BusinessInsider, GoodHouseKeeping, and TheSpruce.


UnAirMeilleur has objectively summarised the rankings of these reference websites. The reviews of these sites are based on performance and functionality tests carried out by independent experts.

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