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Is an Air Purifier effective against Viruses?

Air Purifiers can play an effective role in protecting us from allergies and viral infections. When equipped with HEPA-certified filters, purifiers can capture up to 99% of 0.3 microns particles.

Air Purifiers are particularly effective against allergens like pollen, pet dander or dust particles. The HEPA filter indeed captures allergen particles from the air. An Air Purifier will therefore be a complete game changer if you suffer from allergies.

Against viruses, an Air Purifier can also help improving the air quality of your home, however viruses are too small to be captured by an HEPA filter. Some Air Purifiers yet contain a UV bulb that is designed to kill pathogens that are in your air.

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Considering an AC with an HEPA filter?

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Is an Air Purifier effective against Coronavirus?

Transmission factors for Coronavirus are not yet fully understood. There is nevertheless growing evidence that Covid-19 is air transmitted. When equipped with HEPA-certified filters, purifiers might help capturing infected particles suspended in the air.

It however appears that the main transmission factor of Covid-19 remains the physical contacts. For this matter, an air purifier will not be of any use. To this day, social distancing, hand washing and frequent disinfection of affected surfaces remain the best known means of protection against Covid-19.

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