Monobloc, Monosplit, Multisplit : Pros and Cons of the different AC systems

Before choosing your AC supplier and contractor, it is important to first define what air conditioning system is right for you. Don’t fall into the trap of buying a significantly under- or overpowered air conditioner. Monobloc, Monosplit, Multisplit,… it is not always easy to understand what the pros and cons of each system are.


Quick review to help you choose...


A monobloc air conditioner consists of a single unit mounted on a wall, a door or a window. The monobloc unit diffuses fresh air inside and expel heat outside.


A monosplit air conditioning system consists of two units. A blower to be placed inside the house and an outdoor unit to expel heat outside.


The multi split system consists of various blowers all connected to one another placed in the different rooms of your house. All the blowers are also connected to an outside unit that expels heat.

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